Second Generation – Petrus Mebreuer II and Salome Maria Sehnbach

Peter Mebreuer II

Birth: Circa April 9, 1684
Marriage: July 20, 1716
Death: October 8, 1746

Wife: Salome Maria Sehnbach

Born: Circa February 15, 1685
Death: Circa 1750

Peter II was born in the town of Geisenheim, in the Nassau region of Hessen, Germany. From his marriage to Salome Maria Sehnbach were born at least two children:

  1. Peter III Mebreuer (born on or before December 12, 1717)
  2. Joannes (born Circa 1730)

Nothing else is known of Peter II, he passed away in the same town at the age of 62. We will continue the family bloodline with Peter III, but before moving on we do have much more information available about Peter II’s other son, Joannes. There is no record of their mother’s death, however, it is assumed she died somewhere around 1750.

Joannes married twice and had several children just like his grandfather. I have not been able to find the date of his first marriage in church records, but I was able to find all the baptisms of his children in church records where it also included his wife’s name. His second marriage was recorded along with the baptism of the one child that resulted from that marriage.

Joannes sometimes went by the shortened version of his name, Jois, in some of the church records, he seemed to switch back and forth in using it. His first marriage was to Susannae, her maiden name was never given in any of the records, only being shown as Susannae Mebreuer. They married sometime in 1758 in Geisenheim. Their children are as follows:

  1. Gertrudis (born on or just before February 13, 1758)
  2. Joannes (born on or just before February 25, 1760)
  3. Maria E (born on or just before October 21, 1762)
  4. Adam (born on or just before January 18, 1765)
  5. George (born on or just before July 23, 1767)
  6. Catharina (born on or just before November 8, 1772)
  7. Elisabetha (born on or just before June 11, 1775)

All of these children’s baptismal church records are archived in film number 958778, batch# C98487-1, Germany-ODM. Susannae died in 1775 of unknown causes. Joannes remarried on October 9, 1775 to Apollonia Haasin in Geisenheim as recorded in a Catholic church book, archived via film number 958778 in batch # M98487-1, Germany-ODM. Little else is known of Apollonia including her birth. From this marriage came one daughter:

  1. Christina (born on or just before December 5, 1776)

Her baptismal record is included in the same archive film as Joannes’ other children. No records were found indicating additional children, but no death records exist detailing when Joannes or Apollonia died so there may have been other children.  However, that brings our exploration of this generation to an end, we will continue next with Peter III.