Fourth Generation – Johann Heinrich Bexten and Margareth Elisabeth Kleine



Johann Heinrich Bexten

Birth: August 18, 1811
Death: February 1, 1894

Marriage: September 5, 1846

Wife: Margareth Elisabeth Kleine

Birth: November 2, 1821
Death: January 22, 1880


  1. Bernard Bexten (March 16, 1853)
  2. Joseph Bexten (July 4, 1856)
  3. Maria Christine Bexten (January 1, 1861)

Johann Heinrich Bexten and Margareth Elisabeth Kleine were married at the Saint Cosmas and Damian Catholic Church in the town of Liesborn in the province of Westfalen.  This province is now the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen or better known in English as North Rhine – Westphalia.  Within three months following their wedding, they departed Germany for the New World.  The details of their immigration are few, all we know from documentation is that they both emigrated in 1846.

Immigration to Missouri during this time often occurred at the ports of Baltimore, Maryland and New Orleans, Louisiana.  The documentation for Johann (or Henry as he would later be known as) and Margareth did not contain the details of what port they departed from or the their port of entry once they made it to America.

Records don’t pick up with the couple again until 1853, when their first of three children is born in Westphalia, part of the Washington Township in Osage County, Missouri.  The couple remained in the area all their lives, raising their children and becoming members of the Saint Joseph Catholic Church community.  Both are buried in the Saint Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery.

The eldest child, Bernard, married Anna Agnes Groner in 1878, though the exact date is not known.  She was born on April 6, 1858, the daughter of Simon Groner and Maria Rehagen who had emigrated from Wuerttemberg and Delbruck, Westfalen respectively, sometime between 1838 and 1857.

Bernard and Anna had nine children:

  • Anna Maria Bexten (March 25, 1879)
  • Anna Angela Bexten (December 9, 1880)
  • Elizabeth Ann Bexten (August, 1883)
  • Christina Bexten (August 12, 1885)
  • Henry John Bexten (May 18 1888)
  • Samuel August Bexten (September 30, 1891)
  • Regina Bexten (April, 1894)
  • Stephan Bexten (January 20, 1897)
  • Joseph Bexten (April 20, 1904)

Between 1891 and 1897, Bernard and Anna moved from Westphalia, Missouri to Folk, Missouri, where they remained until their deaths.  Bernard died on August 31, 1936 and Anna died June 13, 1939.  They are buried together in the Saint Anthony of Padua Cemetery in Folk, part of the Jackson Township in Osage County, Missouri.

Their eldest daughter, Anna Maria, married Joseph Stegemann, son of Henry and Katharina Stegemann, on either October 2nd or 10th in 1905.