Early/Mid 1700’s – Late 1700’s – Joannes Bernardus Berensmeyer and Anna Maria Elisabeth Dueweler


Joannes Bernardus Berensmeyer

Birth:  April 25, 1735
Location:  Boke District of Delbrück, Westfalen
Baptism:  April 26, 1735 – Saint Landolinus Catholic Church, Boke, Westfalen
Death:  Unknown
Location:  Boke (presumed)
Burial:  Boke (presumed)

Marriage Date:  November 17, 1754
Location:  Saint Landolinus Catholic Church

Germany Emigration Date:  N/A
USA Immigration Port of Entry:  N/A

Anna Maria Elisabeth Dueweler

Father:  Unknown
Mother:  Unknown
Birth:  Unknown
Location:  Unknown
Baptism:  Unknown

Death:  Unknown
Location:  Boke (presumed)
Burial:  Boke (presumed)

Joannes Bernardus Berensmeyer’s baptismal record was retrieved from batch number C99522-1 of the Germany-ODM system, film number 1052484 (Germany Births & Baptisms 1558 – 1898).  No documentation for birth or baptism could be found for his wife Anna Maria Elisabeth Dueweler, but their marriage has been cataloged in batch number M99522-1 of the Germany-ODM system, film number 1052484 (Germany Marriages 1558 – 1929).  Their marriage was celebrated in St. Landolinus Catholic Church in the Boke District of Delbrück, a church that still stands today, though renovated several times since 1754.  It’s believed to have been built during the 12th century.  Several generations of this family celebrated baptisms and marriages in this church.

Only one record of a baptism could be found for this couple, though it is certainly possible that other children were born to this marriage as Joannes Bernardus was only 19 years old at the time of their marriage, and only 20 years old when his first child was born.


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