Updated 07/21/20

Several updates have been made to the site and will continue to be made.  Most of these updates have been with the design and layout of the information presented, but some new data has been added, particularly to the Berensmeyer family portal.

These design and layout changes will be made to all 8 families represented on this site, the previous “generation” designation will be phased out and be replaced with their respective centuries, so as to avoid designating any generation as first, second, etc.

Some new links have been added to the title pages of each of the family portals.  These links go directly to the official websites of the towns, municipalities, or districts where the families originated in Germany.  These new access points provide additional opportunities for learning about each family’s heritage in Germany.

A large amount of documentation remains to be added to the site, especially U.S. Federal Census data going back to 1860, some death certificates from 1910 – 1960, and family photos dating from 1895 – 1950’s.  This process will continue to take a considerable amount of time.

~ Kephen

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