Ancestral Flags

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This is an online archive of the ancestral heritage of the Bauer, Berensmeyer, Bexten, Brendel, Mebruer, Reichel, and Talken patriarchal bloodlines that are connected through the marriage of the descendants of John Peter Mehlbreuer and Stephan Schulz Bexten.

This site is best navigated using a desktop computer, to begin, click or hover the cursor over the arrow next to the surname above in the toolbar that you wish to research.  If using a mobile device tap the menu ≡ icon at the top of the page.  The list that will display shows various generations, starting with the oldest known based on historical records, such as data from birth records, church baptismal records, church marriage records, military registrations, Federal Census, and death certificates.  A surname list is also provided further down which tells a brief history of origin for each ancestral family.

There are also a few links to the right (or below if on a mobile device) that may be of interest.  The below PDF file is a massive family tree mapping all direct ancestors of the eight featured bloodlines.  This visual may assist you in understanding how each patriarchal bloodline fits into the larger family tree. 

PDF Family Tree (revised 03/10/19): Mebruer & Bexten Family Tree

As you explore the various members of the family lineages, the following color-coded key may assist you in understanding the genealogical information your looking at.

Descendants Key:

  • Child
  • Grandchild
  • Great Grandchild
  • Great-Great Grandchild

**Please be advised that while the content herein is intended to be the most accurate possible and is based on documentation via historical and vital records including federal census data, birth, marriage, and death certificates, social security death index data, church records, and immigration records, some of the information was presented to the site administrator via individuals and the sources of that information could not be verified through historical documentation.

Therefore, by viewing and researching the content of this site, you agree that the site administrator cannot be held liable for any inaccurate information.  You further agree that the content provided herein is susceptible to change if or when new historical information is discovered.

The historical documentation sourced was purchased by the site administrator, but some of this documentation – particularly vital records not older than fifty years, will not be posted/provided by the site administrator, as to do so is illegal in some states.